About Story

The world is in greater danger than ever before, some adolescents unexpectedly find themselves in possession of superpowers. Despite the diversity of powers, certain patterns emerge, and as they begin to find each other, they realize that the world itself is in great peril. A collection of 5555 avatars that give you membership access to protect citizens and make the world a better place. Ownership Akira allows for a new genre of media which the world has yet to explore. An Akira is your identity in the metaverse — let's build together.


In this 1️⃣ st phase you will see the quality dedicated to the project through the art of our NFTs, let it be known that they are of sophisticated design by expert hands. In this 2️⃣ nd phase, we will make a fashion NFT collection for Akira v2. You will have the chance to own fashion designs of our Akira team. This collection contains pre-forged NFTs that can be redeemed for physicals, they are unisex clothing that men and women can wear. Besides, if you’re not Akira holder, don’t worry; you could still purchase our clothes and accessories, especially custom clothing for you if you want. The revenue will be distributed to Akira NFT holders. An entire ecosystem to give max benefit to our NFT holders.

Sneak peek

The Akira began as a group of extraordinary individuals who were assembled to tackle formidable villains. Their mission is to protect citizens and make the world a better place. The Akira team is now producing the first in a series of animated shorts. Our superheroes are from the Akira collection, will you be lucky enough to mint them?

Team Akira

With years of experience in marketing, coding smart contracts, spectacular art we assure you that you’ve found the right community. We have completed our last project's roadmap and stood by every promise we made to our community. We're here to stay and take you with us on our journey to success.